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Are you ready to step up?



  • Are you prepared to add $100,000,  $500,000 or more to your bottom line?

  • Are you prepared to be the one in your area to provide a professional residential roof protection program?

  • Are you prepared to be the most trusted roofing contractor in your area that is the envy of your competition?


UGLY Roof Stains are in virtually every neighborhood today


Roof stains are caused by an infestation of algae and fungi growing











Residential Roof Inspection and Roof Protection

Has Long Been Overlooked As a Profit Center

But No More!


As part of the Roof-Brite® team

you can be far ahead of your competition:


-- Nations leader in Roof Stain removal.

-- Nations leader in residential roof protection.

    -- 30 years plus of development and application.

    -- Backed with our experience of blood sweat & tears .

    -- Over 2000000 square feet treated.

    -- Proprietary product formulas.

    -- Lifetime Renewable Residential Roof maintenance protection program!

Roof protection program accepted by all shingle manufacturers

A roof maintained properly & kept stain free for its entire useful life is the envy of any discriminating home owner and the pride of every professional roofer.



Roof-Brite®  needs ONE aggressive contractor in your area


Is This You?







The roof below is only 6 years old with

14 or more years of life left in the shingles



The homeowner could look at the UGLY stains for the next 14 years

however the discriminating homeowner will look at a beautiful like new roof for the next 14 years!


With the Roof-Brite® residential roof protection program you could get paid to remove the stains and get paid every year for the remainder of the useful life of roofs. There are numerous roofs in your area just like the one above. You could keep them looking like new until they actually need to be replaced. 




 By keeping their roof looking like new for many years, you as their trusted roofing professional  will be in a special position when it is time to replace their roof.  Your company is in the perfect position to replace it and then continue to keep it picture perfect until it needs replacing again!  What a sweet position to be in! You get paid coming and going so to speak.



Join the fastest growing segment

of the roofing market!





We want leaders that see the future!

The Roof-Brite team offers a proven program for success:

  --Training in sales and application.

  -- Roof-Brite estimating and proposal writing.

  -- NO inventory requirements.

  -- Great profit margins in the 6-figure income.

  -- Leading-edge Roof-Brite products, equipment and systems.








Is this you?


Please continue reading about the future of residential roofing.

If you are a progressive thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit

this may be just what your business needs.


Ugly Roof Stains are getting worse every year. These stains are now reaching far up into Canada and around the earth.  Why not cash in on removing those Ugly Stains and keep them off for the life of the roof, then you can replace it and set the new roof up on a maintenance contract also!

Lets look at a familiar scenario. You get a call from a previous customer asking about a roof estimate and when you get out there you see he has a good roof with many useful years left in it, but it is covered with Ugly Stains? As a roofing professional you know that this roof does not need to be replaced. However it is so UGLY that the homeowner is driven in desperation to seek professional help. If the only thing you can do is replace his roof then you are missing out on valuable income. How so? This potential customer does not need a new roof.  You as a professional know that what he really needs "a like new look" not a new roof. You as a professional roofer can give him just what he needs "a like new look", and not a new roof, furthermore you can keep him as a customer by keeping his roof stain free for the useful life of his roof. To top it all off when his roof reaches the end of its useful life you will be right there as the trusted professional he has relied on for many years to maintain his roof to now replace it with a new one. Why will he choose your company to replace his roof? Because your company saved his ugly stained roof and kept it looking "like new" until it really did need to be replaced. After replacing his roof you will continue protecting it for its entire useful life too! Now doesn't that sound better than just placing a bid and hoping you were low enough to get his business?

If you decide to add our complete roof inspection and roof stain removal program to your roofing business that's great. However if all you are going to do is remove roof stains and do not have a roof maintenance and protection program in place to keep their roof stain free for the life of the roof then you are just repeating what you are already doing in the roofing business now. You are creating another DEAD END customer.  What do you mean dead end customer? When you roof a house, that customer is put on hold until they need another roof, which could be many years down the line. When you remove their roof stains, your customer is on hold until they call you again, if ever. You must provide your customers with an attractive roof maintenance program that they can easily see the benefit of.  This program can benefit all of your customers, new roof jobs as well as roof stain removal jobs. We are NOT talking about a long term guarantee that you must backup at your expense but a long term roof maintenance program that really benefits the customer and you.

You may be hesitant about  providing a roof maintenance program since other roofers in your area don't. But why don't they? That is because they do not see the potential nor do they have all the facts that makes a program like ours possible. Just imagine how much easier it would be to sell a roofing job if you could assure your customer that their roof would keep its original beauty for its entire useful life through your Roof-Brite roof maintenance program. You would have a lifetime customer!

Because you have never incorporated a professional roofing maintenance program in your residential roofing business you might feel  that a customer would NOT purchase one? Well you are wrong. Just look around at the maintenance programs that are out there today and you will soon realize that consumers want to get the most out of their hard earned investments they want things to last a long time.

Estimating a stained roof: The cost to restore a "like new look" is 25% to 30% of replacement cost. When introducing this program to your customers always compare it to the cost of a full roof replacement job. In other words if the roof would cost $8,000.00 to replace then $2,000.00 is a small price to pay to remove the stains and restore it to a "like new look".  Keep in mind that the original roof stained so in order to keep it from re-staining they will need your annual roof maintenance program to protect their roof and keep it looking like new until it really does need to be replaced.

The Roof-Brite® method takes just a few hours and a few dollars worth of our products to complete the job. You can save their roof, save them money and gain a lifetime customer! The annual maintenance program to maintain "a like new look" usually cost 25% to 30%  of the stain removal cost annually. This lucrative profit center added to your existing business could increase your bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next several years!   Do the math and prove it to yourself!

    If ALL you can offer is a New Roof you loose and so do your customers!

Why not gain the lions share of the business that every roofer wants by providing a comprehensive roof protection program that will not only solve their roof staining problem but keep it looking like new for the useful life of the roof.  There are thousands of roofs out there that need our solution. As an example just think of the realtors out there trying to sell homes with ugly, stained, roofs. Those same realtors will refer their clients to you because it will put money in their pockets by providing homes with more curb appeal which are easier to sell!

Who needs this service:

  • Condos

  • Apartments

  • Homeowners

  • Real estate agents

  • Commercial Buildings


Let us show you how your company can become Roof Stain Removing Professionals in your area!


The Roof-Brite Protection program described is designed for professional roofing companies!

We will show you how to creating the right relationship between you and your customer.  Your customer will recognize right from the beginning that you are  a professional. They will feel that they can depend on you to keep the pristine look of their valued property by not only removing the stains but providing them with a roof maintenance program that will keep the stains off for the life of the roof plus much more. You will  provide them with a written agreement which protects their roof year round. Your dedicated roof maintenance technician will return each year for an annual inspection of their roof and provide a Stain-Block treatment to keep it looking like new year after year for the life of their roof! We will explain more about this program when you call for more information. This is truly a roof protection program, one that every home should have.

There is more money to be made with a roof maintenance program that protects the roof and keeps it stain free than there is in just removing the stains, let us show you why!


Our System has been used Nationwide by independent contractors for nearly two decades to satisfy virtually every shingle manufacturer stain-free shingle Warranty claims!  Our system is used to clean nearly a million roofs worldwide and our network just keeps on growing every day. You too can become a part of it!







We supply everything you need

to become the Roof Stain Removal Professionals in your area


Become the only company in your area

to provide the Roof-Brite NON Chlorine System & a Roof Protection Program for the life of the roof!


Are other professional roofing companies taking advantage of the roof protection program?

YES? Many can foresee the wave of the future is in the service industry not just nailing on shingles!


Progressive Roofing Companies With an Eye to The Future

Re-Roof the houses that really need it and remove the stains from the rest.

They set their customers  up on the ARB roof maintenance program

When the roof really needs replacing that is what they do.

The new roof continues on the same maintenance plan for the life of the roof!


What a sweet deal, the right roofer gets paid coming and going, so to speak!



What do these successful roofing contractors below

know that you don't?


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Roof Stain Removal & Maintenance Program





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