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Everybody wants a sparkling, easy to clean bathtub!


ReNew Tub & Tile Care Kit





 Deep cleans and seals your tub and tile against dirt and grime

Works on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble tubs & tile


    ► Deep cleans surfaces

    ► Seals out dirt and grime

    ► Neutral maintenance cleaner for regular cleanup maintenance


History: SPR has been in the refinishing bathtubs industry since 1973. Every homeowner we refinished a tub for has asked the same question. What do I use to clean my tub with that won't damage it? After years of experimenting with and recommending different products we found only a very few that were acceptable. Our tub care kit is a result of years of feedback from our customers. As a result we have manufacture our own tub care products since 1984. The tub ReNew care kit is the result of all of our research in one box.


What do I get?

  1. Concentrated professional DEEP cleaning liquid for initial cleanup of your really hard to clean tub.

  2. Surface sealer/maintenance polish with applicator pad.

  3. Concentrated neutral cleaner for regular maintenance.

  4. Pump sprayer for easy application of neutral cleaner.

  5. Non Scratch pads for the initial clean up and regular maintenance.



"Introducing the revolutionary ReNew tub & tile care kit."  it works on virtually any tub or tile, kitchen or bath hard surface. It is easy to use and its unique fragrance smells good to. The kit contains 16 ounces of concentrated deep cleaner for the initial cleanup and 32 ounces of concentrated neutral tub & tile cleaner with eight (8) non scratching cleaning pads. There is 16 ounces of tub and tile polish and sealer to keep the surface sealed, shiny and easy to clean. There are also two applicator pads. This kit contains enough products to last a year or longer if used according to instructions 

Do you have a new or refinished tub or tile? "Would you like to keep it looking like new?  "Never use abrasive or harsh chemicals on your tub whether new or refinished. In fact if those type of products are never used in the first place your tub would never need become dull and difficult to clean or ever need refinishing."




► Keep your tub and tile looking like new


► Cost about 13 cents a day


► Comes in attractive box


► Makes a great gift


Buy two and get 25% off the second care kit


*Download the tub & tile maintenance instructions read them carefully.  Have a family meeting to discuss how each one can help by doing their part to keep your tub and tile looking great with minimal effort. If everyone participates you will never have to scower your tub or tile again.


Keep the printout in a handy place and remind family members of their part in helping out.


Tub Care Instructions

Free Acrobat Reader required for download


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