Cancellation of Service



We will do our utmost to insure you are fully satisfied with the service we provide.


If the service we provide does not perform as stated on our web page you may change to one of the other services we provide. 


We do not refund Setup or PIN charge fees.


As a general policy, we do not provide refunds for unused services. Refunds may be allowed if a customer's service is not working for reasons within our control, or if an error has been made by us on charges to the customers account.

If a customer requests a refund, it must be requested by submitting the form below within 30 days of the payment, and the customer must also supply a valid reason for the refund request. If we determine a refund is appropriate, the unused portion of the payment will be refunded back to the customer.

If customers request a cancellation of their payment schedule no future charges will be added to their account. Keep in mind, a cancellation will not automatically generate a refund.


 Cancellation request form